Mallacoota Abalone Limited

Mallacoota Abalone Limited (previously known as Abalone Fishermen's Co-operative LTD) was formed in 1968 for the processing and export of Australian Premium Wild Caught Abalone.

It's factory is located at Mallacoota, Victoria, which is a prime catching area in Australia for wild abalone.

The main shareholders of the company are the licensed abalone quota owners ensuring a reliable and continuous supply of product through the factory.

Processing close to abalone beds

The Mallacoota Abalone Processing Plant is very close to the clean pristine waters where the wild abalone feed on large healthy untouched beds of clean ocean kelp.

Processing starts on the same day as the abalone are harvested. Quality, flavour and texture are beautifully preserved because of this closeness to the ocean.

The ocean landing is so close to the factory that the boats deliver directly themselves.


The town itself sits on the edge of the Croajingolong National Park, a designated World Biosphere Reserve.

Situated roughly halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, Mallacoota is a popular tourist destination attracting fishermen, beachgoers, bushwalkers, surfers and campers. The stunning natural beauty of the area lures holiday makers from all over the world.

The population hovers around the 1,000 mark, but increases in the holiday season to around 10,000.

Australia’s Accredited Premium Wild Abalone Provider

Mallacoota Abalone Limited is registered under the Australia Export Control Standards. It’s registration number is EX1191 and is approved by the Australian Government Export Control Authority.

Approved Quality Assurance (AQA) – Mallacoota Abalone Limited operates on a HACCP based quality control system. It also has HALAL accreditation.

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