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The clear cup is our flagship product and is tailor made to our requirements. It is cooked abalone in brine (same as steel canned abalone) which has been heat sterilised in a food grade polypropylene container.

The clear cup is innovative packaging with a built in oxygen barrier and UV absorber providing it with a best before of four years from date of production without requiring refrigeration. It’s big advantage is that you can see the product and quality before buying. The clear cup can be ‘double boiled’ and microwaved. It has a convenient heat seal which is easy for opening.

All our clear cup abalone is inspected prior to shipment to ensure the product is of consistent quality. There are two sizes of clear cup which is standard 450g net weight and Jumbo 600g net weight.

Standard 450g Clear Cup

The following drained weights and piece sizes are packed.

  • 200g 2, 3 whole per cup
  • 180g 2, 3 whole per cup
  • 160g 2, 3 whole per cup
  • 140g 1, 2 whole per cup
  • 120g 2 whole per cup

Jumbo 600g Clear Cup

We pack 2 whole per Jumbo cup with either 275g DW or 250g DW